Adopt a Barangay!

Adopting a barangay for a church planting project would mean (at minimum):

  • Identify a church planter (could be a lay person.)
  • Set a target date to begin the planting project.
  • Set a target date to officially organize the new church.  What does it mean to officially organize?
  • Pray daily for this barangay.
  • Recruit a church planting team (strongly recommended.)

If you intend to adopt a barangay in this municipality for church planting according to these guidelines, or if you are already engaged in a church planting project there, we would encourage you to register your project on this website. Registering your adoption will minimize overlap with other church planting projects and avoid misunderstanding. When you register, notation will be added next to your selected barangay as an indication to other churches or groups that there will soon be (or already is) a project in the barangay.