Church Research Report


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I want to browse the existing information
and look for information that needs to be updated.

Step 2 - Look for Missing or Outdated Information. (cont.)

  • Example 3: You see that three churches are listed in barangay Batan. The names of the churches are not listed here, but you know of two churches that have started since the year 2000. Submit information on those churches!
  • Example 4: You know a church by the name of Bagong Silang Christian Fellowship was meeting a few years ago, but they have since stop meeting. You can submit information on that church.
Step 3 - Select Barangay. Now that you have discovered some information on this listing that needs to be updated, click on the link next to the barangay name where the church is (or used to be.)

Step 4 - Enter Information. In the provided form, enter basic information about the church you are reporting.

Step 5 - Send Information. Click the button on the form to submit the information! Your information will be included in this website after processing.

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