Church Research Report


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I want to browse the existing information
and look for information that needs to be updated.

Step 1 - Choose an Area to Browse. You will first have the opportunity to view information in a given area (by province, municipality, and barangay.) After you read all these steps, click on the link at the bottom of the page and you will be guided through the information.

Step 2 - Look for Missing or Outdated Information. In the lists that follow, no specific church names and addresses are listed (for privacy reasons.) However, there are several easy ways to identify information that needs to be updated.

  • Example 1: You notice that there are no churches listed in barangay San Juan, but you know of a church in that barangay (it could be a new church or it could be one overlooked in the last church survey.) Submit information about that church!
  • Example 2: You see that one church is listed in barangay Mabilo, but you are certain that the only church in that barangay has transerred to a barangay Caano. Submit the new location of that church!
  • More Examples . . .