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Where are the Evangelical / Full Gospel churches in the Philippines and how fast are they growing? What areas are yet without a single church? Our goal on this website has been to provide you with such information in order to help your church or group bring the Good News to every person in the Philippines. To enhance this goal, we have added two new features. . .

Update! Help us provide the most accurate information on the dozens of new churches being planted weekly in the Philippines! Click here for easy instructions on how you can help to update this information based on your knowledge of the church situation in your area.

Adopt! Target a area of the country highly in need of a gospel witness! Click here to learn about engaging a spiritually needy barangay by adopting it for a church planting project.

Information herein about the Church up to the year 2000 is based on the field research conducted by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) and Philippine Challenge, Inc., under the authorization of the Philippine DAWN Committee.

All subsequent research updates are the work of Philippine Challenge, Inc.

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