Church Research Report


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My church or group is currently involved in a new church planting project.

We highly encourage you to register your church planting project on this website. Registering your adoption will allow others to know about a work already going on in a barangay and thus minimize overlap with other church planting projects and avoid misunderstanding. When you register, notation will be added next to your selected barangay as an indication to other churches or groups that there will soon be (or already is) a project in the barangay.

Step 1 - Locate Barangay. Indicate the location of the barangay in which you are working. Do this by first reading the rest of these steps, then click on the link below and you will be guided in selecting the location by province, municipality and barangay.

Step 2 - Select Barangay. On the page listing barangays, click the Adopt! link next to the name of your chosen barangay.

Step 3 - Enter Information. In the provided form, enter basic information about your church planting project.

Step 4 - Send Information. Click the button on the form to submit the information! Your information will be included in this website after processing.

Ready to begin? Click here to start the process!