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Resources for Church Multiplication Movements . . .

Church Planter Training
. . . Click here to see the available topics that you can download and use to train your church planters. New topics are being added every month.

Your Church Can Multiply: 10 Proven Steps for Planting Healthy Churches
. . . All or part of this book can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Bayanihan Church Planting
. . . Click here for network meeting resources. You can use these files to lead your own Bayanihan Church Planting network.

Before each network meeting, delegates will need to complete reading assignments in Bayanihan Church Planting and Your Church Can Multiply. Both of these books are available Christian bookstores and from Philippine Challenge. To download Your Church Can Multiply for free, click here.

Coaches Training
. . . Click here to view various topics you can use to train your coaches.  

Network Facilitator Training
. . . A group of coaches can be networked together and led by what we call a Network Facilitator. Click to see notes that will enable you to train these Network Facilitators.  

Bible Studies for New Believers
. . . Click here for Bible studies to help new believers grow in their faith.   

Church Research
. . . Click here to view resources you can use to present the current state of church growth in the Philippines.




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