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Info and Resources for Presenting the Size and Growth of the Church in the Philippines . . .

"Results of DAWN 2000 - Power Point"
. . . This Power Point gives the highlights of the state of the church in the Philippines as of September, 2001.  You can also print these slides on overhead transparencies.  

Click to download Presentation (Note: This is a large file - please be patient!)

"Philippine Church National Summary - 2000 "
. . . This two-page table gives one line of key statistics for each province. 

Click to download National Summary

"Philippine Church Research Presentation Notes"
. . . An outline to be used with the above. 

Click to download Delegates Notes
FYou can distribute this outline to delegates as you use the above Power Point presentation.
Click to download Facilitator's Notes
FThese notes provide guidelines for those who will be presenting the church research.

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