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Thursday, November 14, 2019

  We want to help you reach your world!

Allow us to assist you in . .

Evangelism. Utilize sports teams to share the gospel.[ICBL]

Church Multiplication. Your church can multiply! Found out how. [Church Multiplication Resources]

Growing Healthy Churches. Any church can grow in both quality and quantity! Check here for principle-based resources to help your church grow.[Natural Church Development]

Targeting Unreached Areas of the Country. View summary information from the last national church survey - discover areas where churches are still needed! Learn how your church can engage these areas.[Research]

Sending Short-Term Missions Teams. Do you desire to give your church missions exposure through a short-term experience? Consider our STEP teams as an opportunity to do just that . . . and make an eternal impact in a spiritually needy area! [Short Term Missions]


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